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About Vermillion Road Press

The people at Vermillion Road Press have been in the publishing business since 1988. We've been involved in the production of nearly 100 titles in all aspects from writing to editing.

We're now taking several important steps to help us move into the future. For example, we see the writing on the wall and understand the importance of the move from traditional printed books to the new world of electronic-based publishing--e-books. As a result, our focus is now largely on e-books. We're not totally abandoning printed books, just adapting to the times. For example, some of the books we are currently or soon will be publishing were previously available as a printed book but not in e-book format. We're also publishing brand new titles as exclusive e-books.

Vermillion Road Press is headquartered on a lonely dirt path named Vermillion Road in the mountains of Northern Nevada. Sure, we're far from the traditional publishing centers, but in today's world where you are isn't nearly as important as what you can do.

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