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New at Vermillion Road Press - Two Stallions, by Darlene Underdahl

Two Stallions is currently available in Kindle ebook format and paperback

Start with a wealthy and affable drunk (Mac), who builds steps and ramps onto a stock tank so bobcat kittens can get a drink. Add a neighbor who is smart, but hardworking to the point of numbness; a wife and mother who thinks her family is a little unconventional, but blind to the fact that they are playing a dangerous game behind her back.

Add poor and angry Mensa members (“If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?”), two of whom are obsessed with Betty Boop, another is a self-styled witch who cries to get her way, a fourth is an oversized bully, and they’re just the beginning of the fun.

Mac has dogs, one a goofy clown, and the other a serious hunter of pretty much anything, including wild foals. He was a cat who steals as much pig meat as she can get into her mouth. Plenty of other animals show up, including an enraged squirrel.

Mac eventually hooks up with a cute, normal young woman, but the woman’s mother is an old party girl who gives them plenty of unrest. When the Mensa members realize Mac’s death would financially benefit the girlfriend instead of them, desperate schemes are born.

Through it all, Mac watches the deterioration of a neighborhood dog, and the good friend who refuses to acknowledge his pet’s looming death.

Although this book is full of treachery, and some sadness, there’s plenty of laugh-out-loud good humor.

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