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New at Vermillion Road Press - I Hate to Criticize, But..., Professional Writers and Broadcasters Are Murdering the English Language by Gordon K. Andersen

I Hate to Criticize, But … is currently available in Kindle and Nook ebook formats

Gordon K. Andersen may be a new name to you, but he's well-known to language lovers. If you're interested in finding the answers to these questions, you'll want your own copy of I Hate to Criticize, But...

Don't have a Kindle? You don't need one!

Even though Amazon would love to sell you a Kindle, you can read I Hate to Criticize, But … without one using the free Kindle app for PC, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone 7, iPhone, or iPad. You'll also find a download link on the I Hate to Criticize, But … page on Amazon.

I Hate to Criticize, But … is also available for the Barnes & Noble Nook in addition to the Kindle. Barnes & Noble also conveniently offers a free Nook reader app for the PC and several other devices.

Rather have a printed copy?

I Hate to Criticize, But … is also available in a printed version at www.englishrepairman.com

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